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My name is Dylan Rodgers and I most recently was the Assistant Cheer Coach at Pleasant Grove High School in Pleasant Grove, Utah before relocating to Sacramento. During my time in Utah, I helped the team since 2021, ending after a Nationals win in Anaheim at the 2023 USA National competition. Along with coaching, I assisted their social media, Instagram and TikTok,  with a senior gaining a great deal of attention. 


Originally, I am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where I cheered at Westmoore High School for 4 years followed by becoming co-captain leading my team to 1 national title. After graduation in 2013, I continued my cheer career at the University of Central Oklahoma where my team and I were able to earn a 3-peat in STUNT and top 4 at Nationals in Daytona.


After my collegiate cheer career, I got involved in UCO's homecoming tradition, Cheer and Dance. Cheer and Dance was and is a huge event which takes place at the University during homecoming week. All organizations compete against one another, such as sororities, fraternities, and other organizations. Then they practice for one month with crazy, late night hours to win. I coached a couple groups, but my most successful was with the men of Sigma Tau Gamma. Our back-to-back win in 2017 led to a viral sensation (before going viral was an everyday thing on TikTok, you know). We were interviewed all over-- Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal, and so many more. Truly one of my most favorite moments.

All in all, I am always looking for the next time I get to be involved with cheer. 

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